BIRME: bulk image resizer

Batch image resizing or BIRME  is yet another incredible photo compressor that enables you to resize a number of photographs instantaneously. Additionally, you may apply borders to the pictures by making use of this web-based tool.

As a bulk image resizer, BIRME has a wide range of options and is easy to use. Your photographs may be resized to any certain dimension, and if necessary, proportional cropping can also be performed on them.

Because it is an online tool, there is nothing for you to download or set up on your personal computer. BIRME can be utilized without cost in any way.

Additionally, in contrast to other online image resizing tools, BIRME gives users the ability to preview the photographs before exporting them to their device, making it a simple tool for changing images.

In 2012, the initial version of BIRME was constructed using HTML, JavaScript, and some assistance from Flash (do you still remember that Flash existed?).

In 2015, BIRME did away with the Flash component responsible for generating a zip file and prompting the browser to begin the download process.

In 2016, they completed the design work on BIRME 2.0. The code has been slowly updated, and it is now finally getting near what we had originally envisioned for it.

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