FlipAnim – create flipbook animations online!

Online animators may have a lot of fun using FlipAnim, which is also quite simple. You can rapidly create motion with it by altering the pen tool and the size and color of the strokes.

If you wish to create more than one animation, you can easily add extra pages to the document. The most exciting aspect is that you can alter the animation speed by simply sliding the slider.

Now the query is: why FlipAnim? You can create an animation that is smooth and transparent.

You have a choice between five different speeds for the animation. You may also get an animation zooming in and out online, which will make the presentation much more impressive.

When you are making animations online, you should not be forced to accept a lesser quality than what you expect. It is still possible to produce animation online that is on par with any available, provided you are fortunate enough to have selected the most effective tool.

If this is the case, then FlimAnim will provide you with the superior ones in terms of their adaptability and qualities.

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