PhotoMania – Create Amazing Effects and Filters

PhotoMania is an online photo editing tool that provides users with a before-and-after display of their edited photos, dozens of photo effects from which to pick, and the ability to publish their edited images to Facebook.

The program can process either locally stored photographs or photos from Facebook. It does not need users to have an account, and it allows users to download, print, and post pictures to Facebook instantly.

You can discover all of the picture effects arranged into four distinct categories on the left-hand side of the program.

These categories are titled Artistic, Fun, E-Cards, and Christmas. The Camera, Sketch, Painting, Magical, Vintage, Textures, Cartoon, and Pop Art groups are all contained under the Artistic category of the competition.

There are controls for fill and paint filters available for every effect found in the Artistic area. Several sliders allow adjustments to be made to the brush’s hardness, size, and intensity. The picture can also be given a different tone using an eraser, another available option.

You may compare the unaltered version of the photo to the performance that has been altered with effects and filters by pressing and holding the Before & After button, which is located at the top of the page, next to the Change Photo button.

Only filters may be applied to the Fun, E-Cards, and Christmas categories; no more sliders or choices are available.

A few of the available filters are as follows: birthday, family, love, wedding, easter, Halloween, happy holidays, framed photo, Santa, holiday frame, wood print, snowball, wooden frame, winter collage, retro Christmas, blurry sticker, greeting card, Christmas sign, falling snow, and painted Santa.

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