Fotor Photo Editor – Design Maker & Photo Collage

Fotor is a proficient picture editing and graphic design application for beginners and expert editors.

Picture editing, graphic design, photo collage, and sharing on Instagram and Facebook are all possible thanks to a variety of powerful tools, including professional photo effects, innovative design templates, and advanced design resources.

Fotor has a slew of tools and filters for improving the visual appeal of photos. It works with all of the most major picture file types and even lets you work with RAW files, which you may assume is only available in more expensive photo editing programs.

Special effects and borders may be added to photographs, and you can even obtain the type of tilt-shift blurry effects that you’d typically require a high-end camera to achieve using this app.

Fotor, for example, offers 13 one-tap settings for editing photos quickly. It brightens gloomy situations, reduces overexposure, and makes colors pop.

To encourage you to purchase Fotor Pro, which removes the advertisements and offers more editing capabilities and full HDR support for dramatic shots, the Fotor team has made the free version available. Despite this, the free version offers a surprising amount of functionality.


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