Sumo Paint – Drawing Tool and Image Editor

Using Sumopaint, you’ll get the greatest painting experience imaginable because it incorporates picture editing capabilities like filters, layer management, and sophisticated attributes like brightness and saturation.

Click on “Paint” to get started with your first project, which will open up the editor in a new window.

A blank canvas or a picture from your computer might be used to get the ball rolling.

Brushes, Erasers, Pencils, and a wide variety of shapes, such as circles and polygons, are just a few of the more basic tools available.

Customization options are also available for each tool. You may alter the properties of the tool by clicking on the menu that displays at the top of your editor. For example, using the brush tool, you may choose from dozens of different shapes and styles to fit your preferences.

Among the functions on the right side are color, layer creation and modification, and zooming tools.

The Adjustments tab, located at the very top of the editor, gives you access to more powerful tools. Color temperature, brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation are controllable here.

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